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    Att söka en post är ett utmärkt steg in i nationsgemenskapen! Under "engagera dig" och "sök en post på nationen" här ovan hittar du mer information om vilka poster som kan sökas just nu, vad de innebär och vilka förmåner de ger.
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    Are you interested in knowing more about what's happening at the nation and how to get involved? Click on the picture to the left to read more!
  • Are you looking for housing?

    Are you studying your first semester at the University (UU or SLU)? Then you have the possibility to sign a contract for a corridor room! Last day to apply is Friday January 22nd at 23:59. Contact 1q@v-dala.se for more information!
  • New student? Look here!

    Hi, new Uppsalastudent! Here you can find opening hours for V-Dala's registration office where you can become a member of the nation. You are more than welcome to join the nation online through www.uppsalastudent.com!

Opening hours

  • Curators' Office

    • First Curator and Second Curator handle registration, tickets and guest cards, scholarship and general questions regarding the nation and its history.
    • Mon: 11-13
    • Tue: 16-18
    • Wed: 17-19
    • Thu: 16-18
    • Fri: 10-12
  • Puben

    • Mon-sun: 17-22
  • The library

    • Mon-Thu: 15-18
    • Fri: 10-13
  • The Housing office

    • deals with matters concerning the nation's homes under the following telephone and visiting hours. Address: Svartmangatan 16, 1st floor. Phone: 018-12 80 70
  • Carl Larssons café

    • Wednesdays: 11:30-13:30