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    Open rehearsal with V-Dala Studentspelmanslag

    Do you play an instrument and want to play some scandinavian folk music? Then you should join us at V-Dala nation the 8th of september at 18:45 where we'll learn some tunes together with V-Dala Studentspelmanslag. We invite everyone regardless of ...
  • KHLG Student orchestra & dance group – OPEN REHEARSAL

    Student orchestra and show dance group are looking for musicians and dancers!Come to Kruthornen’s and Letta Gardet’s open rehearsal on Wednesday September 28th 18:00 at V-Dala, Stora salen (the Great Hall) and try playing, singing or dancing w...
  • Open House with Samba São Miguel (learn how to play samba!)

    Come and learn how to play Brazilian samba at V-Dala Nation with us in the Uppsala based percussion orchestra Samba São Miguel.It's completely free and there's no requirement of previous experience to join.The open house will be the start...
  • Monitoring of scholarships

    Time to monitor your scholorship!If you’ve been granted a scholarship from the nation (not a lump sum) it is necessary to monitor your scholarship each semester, to be able to keep the scholarships for more semesters than one. How long you...
  • Lördagar på V-Dala

    När lördagen nalkas, vet varje V-Daling att det är dags att sätta fart på Uppsalas största DISCOKULA!Håll utskick på Nationsguiden.se och våra sociala medier för mer information!
  • Apply for a position at the nation!

    Applying for a post is an excellent step into the community! Under "get involved" and "apply for a position" above, you will find more information about which positions can be applied for right now, what they mean and what benefits they provide.


Opening hours

  • Curators' Office

    • First Curator and Second Curator handle registration, tickets and guest cards, scholarship and general questions regarding the nation and its history.
    • Monday: 11-13
    • Tuesday: 16-18
    • Wednesday: 17-19
    • Thursday: 16-18
    • Friday: 10-13
  • Västmanlands-Dala Nation Student Housing Foundation

    • Deals with matters concerning the nation's homes under the following telephone and visiting hours.
    • Address: Svartmangatan 16, 1st floor.
    • Phone: 018-12 80 70
  • The library

    • Monday - Thursday: 15 - 18
    • Friday: 10 - 13
    • The librarians office hours
    • Tuesdays: 15 – 18
  • Puben

    • Monday - Sunday: 18 - 01
    • For current opening hours see nationsguiden.se/en
  • Carl Larssons café

    • Are you interested in running Carl Larsson's café? Contact 1q@v-dala.se
  • Carl Larssons Lunch

    • Are you interested in running the Carl Larsson lunch? Contact 1q@v-dala.se