Sister nations

Through the ages, V-Dala has made friends among the nations in countries around the Baltic sea. The purpose of these sister nations was originally to provide “embassies” for student exchange between the universities, but at present the relationships are of a purely social nature.

Karjalainen Osakunta at the University of Helsinki
Wiipurilainen Osakunta at the University of Helsinki
Östra Finlands nation at the University of Helsinki
Helsingborgs-Landskrona nation at Lund University
Korporatsioon Vironia at Tallinn University
Eesti Naisüliõpilaste selts at the University of Tartu

Gästrike Hälsinge Dala nation at Umeå University
Norrlands nation at Uppsala University
Östra Finlands nation at Åbo Akademi University