What is a landskap?

Be a part of decisions governing the Nation at the landskap – it is a great way to see how organizational democracy works!

Landskap is nation’s highest decision-making body and all members of the V-Dala nation are welcome to participate and vote. Don’t miss this opportunity to influence the nation’s activities!

If you are interested in running for a position, the deadline for applications is 7 days before the Landskap. You can apply either via the website application form. In the link you can also see a list of eligible positions. Remember to check that you have paid your membership and that your books and loans are not overdue – as this voids your right to vote or be elected for a position.

After the provincial election, the traditional informal dinner, called a “Landskapssexa” follows. This is an informal sitting with lots of singing and banter, something that cannot be described but must be experienced!

Apply for office online.

Also see the list of available positions! It also has descriptions of what the different positions entail.