V-Dalakören is a mixed choir with about 60 members who like singing and socializing. We sing everything from classical choral music to upbeat jazz, and in languages ranging from Swahili to Japanese. We rehearse on Tuesdays in the Great hall and often preform at the events of the nation, such as the reccegasque, chistmas gasque, May dinner, and the spring ball. We also arrange a popular celebration of the Saint Lucia every year, and we hold our own concerts at the end of every semester. Joining the V-dala choir means more than just singing. We arrange parties, travel, go on tours and enjoy the occasional post-rehearsal hang out at the Pub. Finding new friends is easy in the V-dala choir.


Do you want to start singing with us? Send an E-mail to ordforande@v-dalakoren.se


Want to know more? Listen to us on our website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram @vdalakoren and check out our youtube channel: V-Dalakören