Leaving the Nation

To give up you membership, contact the Curators via mail. State your name, membership number and personal number in the message and say that you want to leave the nation. You can also give upp your membership by ignoring to pay the tuition fee, then you will be automatically excluded after a year.

You can also cancel your membership by visiting the Curator’s office during their opening hours.

If you do not pay the tuition fee you will not get a nation card.

If you are a member of several nations and only want to withdraw from V-Dala you must contact the nation and request withdrawal. Otherwise the debt to V-Dala will affect your nation card and membership in other nations. All nation memberships are interconnected and the nation card is not sent to your home until you are debt free.

If you only are a member of V-Dala and do not want to have access to the nations anymore you can as stated stop paying your tuition fee. During the first semester there will be a debt to the nation that automatically expires at the end of the term. The debt may prevent you from getting student housing and you will not recive a nation card.