Members of V-Dala Nation are eligible for housing through Västmanlands-Dala Nation’s student housing foundation (Västmanlands-Dala nations studentbostäders bostadsstiftelse, “Stiftelsen”). To be eligible, you must first become a member of V-Dala Nation and create a profile on, after which you are registered in the queue. One point in the queue is awarded per semester, and certain ways of getting involved in the Nation give extra points. Contact the First Curator if you have any questions regarding functionary posts at the nation.

At the start of each semester, it is customary that a lottery (“recce-utlottning”) is conducted to provide a few new arrivals with rooms – generally in so-called tripletter (shared three bedroom flats).

The Nation owns a total of 1228 rooms and flats.

Nya Triangeln – 48 rooms

Triangeln – 63 flats – 72 tripletter with 13 mrooms – 92  rooms approx. 19 m2 – 8 licentiatrum (one bedroom flats)

Svartman – 38 rooms – 19 flats

Observatoriet – 118 flats

Majklockan – 376 flats.

Ängsklockan – 14 rooms – 388 flats

The Housing Foundation has its own office on Svartmangatan 16 (next to the Nation house) and any questions regarding housing should be sent to them.