Honorary members

The Nation may elect as lifetime honorary members:

  1. persons who have made especially important contributions to the nation,
  2. persons who have shown excellent scientific, artistic, literary or civic virtue, who either are or have been members of the nation, or are born  in Västmanland or Dalarna, or who have or have had their base of operations in those provinces, or otherwise share a close bond with the Nation.


At present, the Nation has 67 honorary members:

  1. Excecutive director Thomas Lundblad, First Curator 1959-1960
  2. Opera singer Busk Margit Jonsson
  3. Financial consultant Bo Rock, Second Curator 1972, Treasurer 1979-1993
  4. Consul General, M.D. (h.c) Anders Wall
  5. Chamber musician Lars Roos
  6. Editor Gunnar Ljusterdahl
  7. Concert singer and cultural entrepreneur Margareta Jonth
  8. Bo Berggren, D.Tech
  9. Newspaper editor Lennart Bengtsson
  10. Editor Anders H Pers
  11. Singer Jont Birgit Rundgren
  12. Hans Dalborg, PhD (Econ.)
  13. Executive director Bo Aulin, First Curator 1974-1976
  14. Composer Nils Lindberg
  15. Information manager Rolf Kroon, LL.B., Treasurer since 1993
  16. Bishop emeritus Claes Bertil Ytterberg
  17. Professor Uno Erikson
  18. Excecutive director Lars Ramqvist
  19. Former Cabinet minister Lena Hjelm-Wallén
  20. Anders Milton M.D.
  21. Brigadier Lars Wallén
  22. Former Governor of Västmanland Jan Rydh
  23. Executive director  Christer Brandberg, Second Curator 1969
  24. Brigadier Lennart Johansson
  25. Former Govenor of Västmanland Mats Svegfors
  26. Professor Bo Södersten
  27. Professor emeritus Lars Edebo, First Curator 1964-1965
  28. Conductor professor Cecilia Rydinger-Alin
  29. Director of studies Stig Brewitz, Second Curator 1968
  30. Professor Peter Wallensteen
  31. Former deputy Governor of the Riksbank Villy Bergström
  32. Professor Gert Klötzke
  33. Vicar Åsa Jonsson
  34. Financial consultant Helene Erbing Backström, Manager of economy and property 1987-2000, Deputy Treasurer since 2002
  35. Former superintendent Barbro Bursell
  36. Architect Anders Bexelius
  37. Executive director Jörgen Jonsson, Librarian 1983-1986, Manager of economy and property 1986-1987
  38. Former Cabinet minister Thomas Östros
  39. Professor Börje Johansson
  40. Professor Anne-Liis von Knorring, Inspector 2006-2011
  41. Musician Clas Yngström
  42. Speedway driver Tony Rickardsson
  43. Archbishop Anders Wejryd
  44. Entertainer Peter Carlsson
  45. Professor KG Nilson
  46. Entertainer Birgit Carlstén
  47. Professor Ulf Danielsson
  48. Music teacher Christer Hjort
  49. Author and journalist Ingrid Carlberg
  50. Docent Johan Sundström, Inspector 2011- 2016
  51. Attorney at law Anna-Karin Spector Höök, Second curator 1975-76 and Nation attorney
  52. Tax lawyer Torbjörn Spector, Librarian 1977-78, Historiographer 1978-79, Nation attorney 1979-81
  53. Journalist and author Magnus Lind
  54. Professor Jan “Gulan” Gulliksen
  55. Professor Ulla Börestam, Second Curator 1974
  56. Road historian Jan-Olof Montelius, Librarian 1971-73, First Curator 1977-78
  57. Mikael Gidhagen  PhD (Econ.), Proinspector since 2013
  58. Culture accountant Claes-Henrik “Gingen” Jonsson, Librarian 1978-81
  59. Bishop Thomas Söderberg
  60. Former Govenor of Västmanland Håkan Wåhlstedt
  61. Professor Staffan Yngve
  62. Teologie doktor, senior cleri  Olof Andrén
  63. Skribenten och ordförande Karin Perers
  64. Juris kandidat Anna-Pia Norman Wahlund
  65. Professor Arne Arnesen
  66. Museidirektör och adjungerad professor Johan Cederlund
  67. Professor och vicerektor Johan Tysk