V-Dalas Spex group Ridårarna

V-Dalas spexförening Ridårarna meets every Monday at 18:00 to act, do improvisation exercises and games, hang out and above all have fun together! The meetings are undemanding and you choose what bar you want to set for yourself.

Those who wish to do so have the opportunity to participate (on or behind the stage) in productions of short dinner plays for sittings and balls. These are great opportunities to try your hand at whatever you like – such as acting, directing, writing scripts or digging out costumes and props from our storeroom!


In 2022, Ridårarna resumed the tradition of staging the annual big play in the spring semester, welcome to apply for roles both in front of and behind the scenes when the application comes up! Keep an eye out on our social media linked below!


For an insight into what we do, as well as ongoing information about the association and what will apply this semester:
Instagram: ridararna_vdala
Facebook: V-Dalas Spexgrupp Ridårarna

You can find previous dinner and big spex on our Youtube channel!

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us via Instagram or via e-mail spexet@v-dala.se.

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