Landskapsposten or more direct translated ‘The Landscape Post’ is maybe a funny name for a paper. Landskap is how ever not really translated to the english “landscape”. Landskap is actually a province of Sweden and V-Dala represents the provices of Västmanland and Dalarna, just like the other nations represents other provices. In the old days a nation where acually called a “landskap” (a province). So if you think about it, the name of the paper “the provice paper” is not that odd as it might seem.


Landskapsposten is the Nation’s magazine. We publish atleast three number each year, but if there is alot to write and the editor and writers feel like it – it might be more. If you are interested in writing, taking photos, illustrating or working with InDesign this is the place for you! Most of the paper is in swedish and therefore a great way for you who want to learn better swedish to practice on your reading and in the mean while get an update of the nation happenings. But we are of course very positive to have more english texts is the paper! Maybe you want to write one?

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