The Nation is its members. The idea that the nation is an independent entity, a club or a building, is a recent one. Without members, the Nation would not only come to a standstill – for all intents and purposes, it would not exist.

Currently, Västmanlands-Dala nation counts around 5,500 people as its members, 99% of whom are active members and students and 1% honorary members.

To be able to enroll in the nation you need to be admitted to a course at Uppsala University. You can join the nation by visiting the nation house during office hours or during the registration weeks or by visiting the website

If you join the nation online your nation card will not be sent to you automatically and the card wont show up in your app (se below). You need to visit the nation during office hours so we can authorize you in the system. After this is completed the card will be sent to the home address in the future.

Considering the situation with covid-19, it is also possible to authorize your membership via e-mail. To do this, be so kind to send an e-mail to

If you register and pay your tuition fee at the nation you will get a temporary nation card that is valid for a month.

Both alumnus members and full paying members can get the nation card digitally in the app STUK.

The semester fee is 330 SEK and you can pay both with credit cards and with cash.