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List of helplines and hotlines
Source: https://www.1177.se
Last updated: 16/11/2023

Women’s helpline
Kvinnofridslinjen provides support to victims of physical, psychological or sexual violence. The call is free and you are anonymous when you call.
Telephone: 020-50 50 50.

Uppsala women’s shelter
Support for women who are victims of violence.
Telephone: 018-10 10 49

Crime Victim Support
If you are a victim of crime, a relative or witness to crime, you can get support from Brottsofferjouren.
Telephone: 116 006

Big sister
We offer support to victims of sexual abuse, if someone has done something sexual with you that you do not want. We also offer support to you as a relative.
Website: https://storasyster.org/

Somaya helpline
Somaya’s helpline offers advice and support to those who are victims of violence or oppression. It is possible to get help in several languages.
You can call, chat or email.
Telephone: 020-81 82 83
Website: https://somaya.se/var-stodlinje/

On-call companion
Get support at night and talk to someone about your experiences, thoughts and feelings. You can also chat.
Phone: 08-702 16 80
Website: https://www.jourhavande-medmanniska.se/

Men’s shelter
Mansjouren in Stockholm receives calls from all over Sweden. For those who need to talk about relationships, the future, work, children or finances. If you don’t get through, you will be put through to an answering machine, and can be called back if you wish.
Telephone: 08-30 30 20

The Rainbow Line
Regnbågslinjen is a hotline aimed at people who define themselves as part of the LGBTI spectrum, as well as relatives and friends of LGBTI people. The responders are volunteers who are themselves LGBTI people and are trained for the task.
Telephone: 0770-55 00 10

Suicide hotline
The suicide line is run by the mental health association Mind. If you feel that you don’t want to live anymore or have a loved one you are worried about, you can call or chat. Those who answer are volunteers who have been trained and supervised to provide compassionate support.
Telephone: 901 01

Uppsala girl and transgender hotline
If you are a girl (cis or trans) or young trans person (regardless of gender identity or non-gender), you can receive anonymous support via chat and email. You can also get a personal meeting or someone to accompany you to medical services and the police, for example. The service is for young people aged between 10 and 25.
Email: jour@uppsalattj.se
Website: https://uppsalattj.se/

Relatives’ line
Do you need support in your role as a relative or loved one? Anhöriglinjen is a national helpline run by the National Association of Relatives. You can also email.
Telephone: 0200-23 95 00
Website: https://anhorigasriksforbund.se/anhoriglinjen/

SPES – National Association for Suicide Prevention and Survivor Support
SPES is for people who are close to someone who has taken their own life. The association has a telephone hotline that you can call. Everyone you contact has lost someone to suicide themselves.
Telephone: 020 – 18 18 00

Alcohol Helpline
You can call the Alcohol Helpline if you are concerned about your own or someone else’s drinking habits. You can also email. You can get support to change your drinking, or get advice on what to do if someone you know has a problem with alcohol.
Telephone: 020-84 44 48

Drug help
If you have concerns about your drug habits, you can contact Droghjälpen. It is a support line that provides support via the internet and telephone, and is run by the Addiction Center in Stockholm. You as a family member can also get in touch.
Telephone: 020-91 91 91

For more support organizations, see the list on 1177:


Updated: 20th November 2023