Snevringarna are present or nonpresent students at Västmanlands-Dala Nation with ties to Snevringe härad in Västmanland (Snevringelagen § 1).

Snevringe härad is taken to mean Hallstahammar, Kolbäck, Strömsholm and Surahammar with environs. (Precursor to Snevringelagen § 1).

The Snevringarne Society was not so much created, but emerged from the people’s needs* in autumn of 2007. The Westmannian countrymen had long laboured oppressed by the Land Which Must Not Be Named**, so the ancient example of the forest people of Ramnäs was followed – a band of rebels was gathered, marched on the local governor’s keep and hanged a few noblemen from the windows. They also took this fine opportunity to start a society.


* The so-called Hallstahammar troika

** i.e. dalarna, lowercase d, the northernmost härad of Västmanland

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