The stage is on the western side of the banqueting hall, well placed for every type of performance. Using movable sections, it can be expanded one or two meters as required. The left hand side of the stage hides a projector screen easily maneuvered with the push of a button.

Sound system

Microphones, stands and speakers so that all your guests can hear speeches and song are included when you rent the venue. Cordless and hands free microphones are available at an extra charge. Speakers and other equipment for live bands available with two weeks’ notice. Please note that live acts often require special equipment, and established performers often have very specific demands. If you want a band to play at your party, please notify us well in advance to work out the details.


The ceiling of the great hall is rigged with modern lighting. We can design lighting according to your wishes with around 20 300 watt lamps and a number of 1,000 watt lamps. The lighting system further has a number of so-called Mojos, programmable disco lights for flexible solutions.


The Nation is happy to lend you a piano, and, by arrangement, our newly refurbished Steinway grand piano.

OH-machine, projector and screen

We are happy to provide you with an OH-machine or a projector and the necessary cables. The stage hides a large screen accessible at the touch pf a button.


V-Dala owns two 19th century shoulder-height candelabra that give a certain something extra to any party. Questions? Please contact the rental manager.