Information regarding Covid-19


Västmanlands-Dala nation is actively working with questions regarding Covid-19. We follow the current situation, work with limiting the spread of infection and adapt the activities at the nation continously according to the current guidelines and recommendations from the authorities and government. On this page you will find up-to-date information.


General information

The nation appointed a Covid-19 coordinator who handled the nation’s work with Covid-19 based on a project plan established by the nation’s board on June 15th 2020. The Covid-19 coordinator along with the project group planned for different scenarios both in the short and long run. The project group had tuning meetings once a week and reports to a steering group which consists of the nation’s working committee as well as two student representatives. The nation’s board was through digital meetings once a month informed about the nation’s work.


Since August 31st 2020, the Covid-19-work continues within the ordinary organisation at the nation.


If you have any questions or are interested in more information about our work, contact the First Curator through


The nation has lunch Wednesdays 11:30-13:30 and Friday fika 12-17. We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and there will be a limited number of seats.


The nation’s pub is open daily from 18. We have reduced the number of seats and rearranged the tables in order to ensure a safe distance. The number of seats in the bookable rooms.


The Curators have office hours two hours each weekday. For opening times, see the first page.

QnA – Common questions and answers (ongoing updates)


How did you get started with the Covid-19 work?

During the spring our business has been utterly affected by the current pandemic and the nations has not been able to carry on its activity as usual. The pandemic has also affected the nation’s economy considerably. As the pandemic and prevailing situation are likely to last for a longer period of time, the board’s working committee in the middle of May made the assessment that the nation needs to work actively with this to prepare the nation for autumn and to be able to conduct an as good and controlled business as possible. Therefore, the work was initiated to make the nation as well-equipped as possible for the challenges posed by the pandemic.


How do you decide which business is carried out and which is cancelled?

We are always following the surrounding developments. On this basis, those responsible for each activity make ongoing assessments of which activities are suitable to be implemented and in what way. All of the nation’s activities are, of course, following the Public Health Agency and governments advice and recommendations.


Is it really possible to prepare for autumn?

Nobody knows exactly what autumn will look like, or which the conditions will be for conducting business. What we can do is prepare for different scenarios in order to be able to make well-considered decisions when relevant.


Who makes the decisions for what is and is not done?

The order of decisions has not been changed, but all decisions are as previously made within the framework of each respective activity. The work carried out within the framework of Covid-19 is solely preparatory and advisory in order for the ordinary decision-making apparatus to be able to make as good and well-balanced decisions as possible.


Are our, as an association, determined affairs to be affected by the fact that we will not be able to carry on business as usual?

Your determined affairs will not be affected.